Hi Per 49cc Sx Racing Style Kids Quad Bike – Pink, Blue, Green , Red Orange Electric start

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The SX-49 racing style Mini Moto Quad bike looks fantastic with its futuristic Racing Styling, attractive colour coded suspension and wheel rims plus quality chrome plated front bumper but it also delivers with the features including upgraded 140mm drilled disk brakes with EBC pattern pads all round, latest generation 50cc two stroke engine, 190mm fully adjustable shocks front and rear, sealed SuperDry long life wheel bearings, 2 spring racing style clutch and great sounding twin exhaust system.

The safety features have not been overlooked either with safety cut-out tether, adjustable throttle restrictor and full wraparound foot plates keep the riders feet away from the moving wheels.

All these features make the SX-49 racing style Mini Moto Quad stand out from the other quads available on the market.

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These 50cc Mini Quad Bikes are aimed at younger kids where the light weight and nimble handling make them easier and safer to ride. The power can be restricted to provide the appropriate amount of power for the riders ability plus there is a safety tether that can be operated by the parent for extra security.

This 50cc Mini Quad Bike has been designed with safety in mind and conforms to current EU and CE standards. The safety features include a throttle restrictor to slow the Quad down to safe pace if required, allowing the rider’s confidence to grow. Then as the riders proficiency improves simply open up the throttle settings and the machine will allow more performance. There is also a Safety Tether which can either be used on a long lead to enable you to stop the Quad should the rider loose control or attached to the rider’s wrist to bring the Quad to a safe halt should the rider become unseated.

Why you should buy this 50c Mini Quad Bike?
What better way to introduce you child to the thrills of riding a Real Bike in the security of safely controlled environment, you can keep control while it’s needed and then release control gradually once you child has mastered the skills.


•Thumb throttle (to protect the riders wrist) just like large Quads
•Improved easy pull start mechanism
•Independent Front and Rear disk brakes
•Safety Tether
•Speed can be restricted for inexperienced riders
•Stronger Frame
•Durable New Style plastics
•Full rev ‘n’ go
•Transmission: Chain drive
•Starting System: PULL start (Easy Start)
•Start Ignition: CDI
•Cooling system:Air Cooled
•Light and small enough to fit in a car


•49cc 2-stroke air cooled latest generation engine

•2.5kw at 8700rpm

•Easy Start Pull Start

•190mm front and rear adjustable shocks

•Front and Rear 140mm Disk Brake

•EBC pattern pads front and rear

•KMC 420 pitch Chain

•39 tooth rear sprocket

•14 tooth front sprocket

•Wrap around Super Slide Swingarm Chain Sliders

•Chrome Minibike Pro Taper style Bars

•Soft black Supergrip Bar grips

•Recessed & Sealed SuperDry Long Life Wheel Bearings

•Net weight 29kg

•Carrying capacity 95kg (15 Stone)

•Dimensions: 1000mm length, 590mm width, 630mm height

•Intended for over 14 years only (younger children at parents discretion)

•Designed for off road use only – not to be used on a public highway

Safety Notice

Health and Safety has determined that this type of product is intended for use by 14 years and above. However due to its size and ease of use we are aware that this Mini Quad is very attractive and popular with much younger children and we often get asked if it is suitable for children as young as 6 and under. As the ability and experience of younger children can vary greatly, the use by children under the age of 14 is therefore solely at the discretion of the parents who are in the best position to asses the capability of their child. What we would urge is that what ever the age of the rider that they wear adequate protective gear and the bike should only be used in appropriate places with adult supervision.

Used correctly the Mini Quads are great fun and very safe.

Required to use

This model is fully factory built and Ready To Run.
Some minor assembly may be required to refit some small items that may have been removed to enable the bike to fit in the packaging the footrests or items that have been packaged separately to avoid damage such as screens.
All that’s needed is unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil.

Terms and conditions of supply for Mini Motos, Pit Bikes and Quad Bikes
All motorbike’s and quad-bikes can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please wear appropriate safety equipment at all times when using bikes or similar machines. The use of any powered vehicle could involve the risk of injury or death. Please use these products in a responsible manner.

The products that we supply are technical & mechanical products, which require mechanical knowledge and ability to use and maintain. A small amount of assembly is required, such as fitting the foot rests and adjusting the handle bars, the bike should also be checked before first use and then regularly to ensure all the essential bolts and fittings are secure and correctly adjusted. You should not purchase these products unless you have a good understanding of how to use and maintain mechanical products.

None of the bikes we provide are ‘road legal’ and are not for use on the public highway. These bikes are intended to be enjoyed on private property. Use of these bikes on a public highway could result in criminal proceedings.

The Following parts are not covered by the warranty on this item.
Chains & Belts;
Fairings/ bodywork (unless damaged during delivery. Photos required within 24 hours of receipt)
Pull Starts or Inner Cogs;
Clutches or springs
Brake Cables, Disks and Callipers;
Exhaust Pipes;
Tyres, Wheels, valves and Inner Tubes;
Spark Plugs;
Any other parts of a similar wear and tear nature to those listed above and any part that has been damaged as a result of an accident, misuse or lack of maintenance.

Terms of Warranty

Due to its size and weight this item is covered by a replacement parts warranty, if your machine develops a fault within the warranty period of 30 days, you need to contact us and we will advise how to best rectify the problem and dispatch replacement parts, without charge providing the faulty parts are covered by the warranty.
Please note customers will be expected to fit the parts themselves, guidance will be available on technical issues.

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