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EvoMotion MaxE-Fold folding electric bike


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Ditch the car and get on an EVO e-bike! It’s fun to ride, cheap to run, environmentally friendly, offers exercise at a level you can control and is practical for all those short trips……. and with its folding mechanism, the MaxE-Fold can easily go with you in the car or caravan.

This is the most versatile electric bike in our range! The EvoMotion MaxE-Fold is a full-size 26” electric mountain bike with ‘edgy’ looks due to its clever frame design with fully-concealed battery pack and stunning design. It is a fully capable mountain bike but this one has the benefit of being able to be folded up for convenient storage and transport. The MaxE-Fold offers a very practical combination of features and boasts an impressive specification which includes suspension front and rear, disk brakes and LED display.

Not to be confused with the morass of lower quality products of dubious provenance, the EVO range of electric bikes is manufactured by the World’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer in compliance with EN15194, the EU directive covering electric bikes. Fitted as standard with a 36V 8.8Ah MnNiCo ternary lithium battery weighing just 3Kg, the Maxi-Fold can travel up to 40Km (depending on load, terrain, conditions etc.) between charges in pedal-assist model. The latest advanced technology MnNiCo ternary lithium polymer batteries have been selected for the EVO range of electric bikes as, in addition to their super lightweight construction, high power density and being safer than other technologies, they provide an exceptional nominal 600 cycles. Lithium Polymer batteries are the best batteries for electric bikes. At only 20Kg plus the battery, the Maxi-Fold is lightweight and easy to lift for ease of transport and storage. A powerful 250W 36V hub motor provides plenty of power to the wheels. Hub motor technology has the advantage of reduced noise and, equally importantly, the direct drive means that there is no loss of energy via a chain – all the power goes to the drive wheel.

Unlike many other models on the market, and strictly for those riding on private land, the MaxE-Fold can be reconfigured to twist and go, full-throttle operation. In this configuration the MaxE-Fold has a twist throttle control on the handlebar which can operate independently of the pedals enabling the bike to be ridden on power only. This feature is particularly appreciated by some of our elderly customers.

The comprehensive list of features is complemented by front and rear LED lights, a display showing mode and battery power, Shimano 7-speed gears and disc brakes front and rear. Available in a choice of white or aluminium colours.

Light and compact
Quick-release folding mechanism
Front and rear disc brakes
LED Display
Lithium battery
250W Hub motor
Front and rear LED Lights
Alloy frame and forks
7 speed Shimano gears
Configurable to twist throttle (for off-road use)

Top speed of up to 25kph dependent on load, terrain, temperature etc
Drives up to 40km without charging (load/terrain dependent)
Charges within 6 – 8 hours

CE certificated
Driving system : 250W Hub motor
Alloy frame and forks
Size : 147 x 25cm x 78cm
Maximum weight of rider : 85 Kg
Lithium battery : 36V/8.8Ah
Weight : 20Kg plus battery

Electric bike
Instruction manual in English

Some assembly is required.

The maximum user weight is 85 Kg. Buyers are advised to observe all safety warnings and rules for safe riding as set out in the Owner’s Manual. The battery should be charged for 6 – 8 hours before first time use.

12 month motor warranty – details available upon request