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Ceewa S1 Auto-Follow RC Drone With Follow Module, Smart Watch, 4K Camera And 3D Gimbal


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The Ceewa S1 is a new generation of advanced intelligence RC drones. The big distinguishing feature is the auto-follow system. You place the auto follow module onto the item you want it to follow, then use your included smart watch or mobile app to choose from one of seven auto follow modes and then the drone will automatically follow and record the item! The drone will keep the camera pointing at the item and can follow at up to 80km/h. Check out the full feature list below of this ground breaking futuristic model.

Build: RTF
Radio Equipment: 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine: Brushless
Blades: No
Channels: 6 Ch


Weight: 1370g
Length: 475mm
Max Speed: 80km/h
Hover Accuracy Vertical: ±0.5m
Hover Accuracy Horizontal: ± 1 m
Propeller Size: 10 inch
Motor Size: 2216
Barometer: Built-in
3-Axis Gyro: Built-in
3-Axis Accelerometer: Built-in
3-Axis Magnetic Compass: Built-in
Battery Capacity: 6000mAh
Battery Life: 22 minutes
Communication Distance Remote Controller: 1 km/Watch: 400m
Smart-Follow Modes: 7 Smart-Follow Modes
Map Nav. Modes: Pointing / Multiple-Points Nav. / Single-Point Orbit
Flight Modes: Attitude Mode / Position Mode
Smart Modes: One-Key Take-off / One-Key Land / Failsafe Go-Home / Low-Battery Go-Home

Follow Module
Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 19mm
Sensor: GPS / GLONASS / Barometer / Gyro/ Accelerometer / Magnetic Compass
Communication Distance: 400m
Operation Time: 3.5h

Communication Distance: 400m
Operation Time: 3.5h
Displays: High-Brightness display

Axis: 3-Axis
Stabilization Accuracy: ±0.02°
Controlling Frequency: 2000Hz
Gimbal Angle: -135°~ 30°(Pitch)

Image Quality: 4K 15FPS
1920x1440P: 30FPS
1080P: 60FPS
Camera Pixel: 16 megapixel
Sensor: SONY IMX206 HD image sensor

Operation Methods
Sports Watch: Built-in
Remote Controller: Built-in
Follow Module: Built-in
CEEWA APP: Built-in

Image Transmission
Digital Image Transmission: Low Latency / 800m


Automatically follows and records anything that has the auto follow module attached to it.
Seven different follow modes.
Smart watch controller included that allows basic flight controls such as adjusting flight height and setting follow mode. Allows shows drone information such as height, speed, flight time left and distance.
Mobile app included for setting flight paths and controlling the drone.
Route plotting, set a path on the map using the app and the drone will fly the route.
One key automatic takeoff and landing.
Folding arms for easy transport.
Twin CPU core.
3 Axis brushless gimbal included that works with auto-follow mode.
High capacity 6000mAh battery included.
16MP 4K HD digital video camera included.
Required To Use No