120w Pink Electric Scooter


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Electric Scooter Highlights

  • Powerful 120w 24v motor for speeds of up to 12 km/hour. (depending on weight, terrain, etc)
  • Folds together for quick, easy storage
  • Environmentally friendly and guaranteed to save you money – battery charges via mains power supply
  • 2 x Powerful 12v rechargeable batteries, charges within 3-6 hours.
  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Wear and tear resistant paint job


  • Acceleration and breaks on the handle bars
  • Gradual breaking system
  • Adjustable steering column with quick release
  • Secure foot grip
  • Large wear resistant 6″ polyurethane tyres
  • Durable steel body
  • Rear wheel drive via belt
  • Slip resistant handles


  • UK Battery charger for mains power
  • Assembly kit including tools
  • Spare Drive Belt
  • Instruction manual in: English, French, German, and Italian
  • Resettable fuse


  • Platform: 57×15 cm
  • Length: 74 cm
  • Handle Bar: up-to 95 cm
  • Recommended Max rider weight 70kg
  • Weight: approx. 9.5 kg

Required to use:

  • This scooter requires some minor assembly, tools provided.


Our electric scooter just got even better now featuring a massive 120 watt 24v motor! and loads of updates to make it even better value, the only electric scooter in the UK to offer a 120w motor, trust us, it makes a difference!

As well as the sleek new design the usual awesome features are still included such as twist throttle with automatic shut off meaning the motor stops when you let go, the very useful folding neck allowing you to quickly fold down and carry your scooter through the shopping centres and other places you are not allowed to ride them, or simply to drop in the back of the car.

Height adjustable handlebars allow you to be comfortable however tall you are, the stainless steel spring loaded side stand is quick and easy to park up your electric scooter while you run in the shop, the non slip design grips and foot-board keep you on two feet and in control as you zoom along.

With a top speed of 12kmh and 3-6 hours charge time you will have plenty of speedy fun from the 24 volt 120 watt belt driven motor pushed to the ground through 6″ polyurethane tyres ensuring you a smooth and quiet ride.

Don’t worry about the fuse popping, all out new scooters have reusable fuses meaning you can pop it back in and speed off again!

We have upgraded this scooter two 12V 4.5A batteries for more power and range.

The perfect combination of relaxation and fun – where ever you’re riding.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to nip to the shops, speed up the completion of your journey when commuting by train, get around at a festival, or just like having some fun when the sun comes out the V6 E-scooter is the practical solution for anyone who wants to get from A to B with minimum fuss and maximum fun.

This cool motorised scooter guarantees you’ll get noticed and with its easy to use twist and go motorcycle controls, riding the scooter is a breeze.

The high quality, durable breaking system allows you to stop on a dime, or glide to a graceful halt, depending on the circumstances. And the electric motor is quick and easy to charge with no fumes, no noise, and no visits to the gas station, which means you save money and the environment at the same time!

On top of all that when you get to where you’re going a simple folding mechanism allows you to carry it anywhere it can’t be ridden or simply put it in a cupboard until you’re ready to ride again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to assemble the Scooter?
A. Roughly 10 minutes, simply the bolt the front wheel in place and unfold the handle bars

Q. What tools are required?
A. None, all tools required are included

Q. What age is the range suitable for?
A. We recommend 14+

Q. What is the max weight for the scooters?
A. Max rider weight is 70kg, if the rider is over this weight the scooter belt will snap which is a fail safe to stop the motor being damaged.

Q. Can I exchange my scooter for a refund or replacement?
A. Sorry but no exchanges can be given, only refunds are available.

Q. Do the tyres need inflating?
A. No they are hard durable plastic.

Q. How fast do the scooters go?
A. Depending on rider weight and terrain being used on the average speed is 7mph

Q. Can i ride my scooter off road and through water?
A. No we strongly recommend you do not take your scooter on grass, mud, clay etc and it must not be ridden through water or in wet conditions.

Q. Can i jump my scooter?
A. No, the scooters are designed for use on flat ground only and must not be used to jump including jumping off curbs.

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